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Our Vision

The aim of The Sierra Institute is to contribute to the development of the entertainment industry of Sierra Leone through identifying capacity gaps and developing and implementing capacity-building programs for artists, cultural professionals, and representatives of concerned government ministries and public institutions of the country. It is aimed at further building capacities of cultural and creative industry actors to strengthen the industry as a strategic growth sector, contributing to the economic growth, job creation, revenue generation, and overall improving conditions of life. 

Small changes with a big difference

We realize that Sierra Leone is lacking in developmental status. While the youth are showing great initiative in traditional practices such as Agriculture, Entrepreneurship, and commercial transportation, we recognize that the addition of non traditional strategies to our national development plans could revolutionize the entertainment industry.

The creative and cultural industries are an ever increasingly important part of the puzzle. Industries such as Music, Film, Television, Radio, Fashion and more - have all too often been overlooked as legitimate avenues for jobs and gross domestic product. For any changes moving forward, SIIA will compliment government's effort support the creative industries in their efforts to drive sustainable development and jobs creation. The creative industries should be an added layer in constructing more diverse and economically viable markets.



    Ayodele Gold
tambay pics.jpeg
  Tambay Mansaray
Director of Education
         Heading 5
        Heading 5
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