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The Vocal & Instruments music program is designed to inspire all students’ creativity and imagination, engage them in the art of expression, immerse them in a language and history that is rich in culture, provide them with opportunities beyond the classroom and excite them about life and learning. Our graduates demonstrate mastery of advanced skills that enable them to become productive, competitive, and self-directed lifelong learners who recognize, appreciate, and respect excellence in the arts, superior academic achievement, and persons of exceptional character. SIIA students engage in an extensive study of instrumental or vocal performance, elementary and advanced harmony (written music theory), sight-singing and ear training (aural theory), piano, and solo and ensemble performance.

The Vocal program consists of the following :

Vocal students learn the fundamental concepts of singing (vocal technique), vocal health, sight-singing, piano, choral singing and solo singing, and participate in The Institute Chorus. Over a 12 months period, students will study and perform from four major repertoire genres including musical theatre, jazz, classical art, and foreign language. These genres are the most common used for vocal music auditions at the university level.

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