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The need for qualified video personnel is growing daily and the Sierra Institute for Innovation & Arts is ready to meet that demand. This program is designed for students interested in continuing their studies in digital media production or to acquire the necessary skills to attract the right job. It particularly prepares students who are currently working in the industry for job advancement by allowing students to update or expand their digital media expertise.

As more and more industries ask employees to be digital natives, this program supports employees and individuals coming from traditional and print-based media to transition into the digital media environment. Upon successful completion students will gain hands-on experience by creating digital media projects and a web portfolio using the latest camera, lighting, audio, and editing technologies. VideoWorks program graduates will be qualified to apply for entry level employment in one or more of the following positions: Photojournalists, Editing Assistant, Off-Line Video Editor, Camera Operator, Lighting, Designer, Photographers Drone Videographer

The VideoWorks Production program consists of:

Media Literacy and Visual Communication

Fundamentals of Media Production

Television and Corporate Video Production

Digital Filmmaking


Video Production I       

Video Production II     

Video Post-Production I            

Video Post-Production II          

Advanced Post-Production

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