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Becoming an audio engineer, whether behind the console in a professional recording studio or behind the console at a major music concert, is a dream of many. However, as many people have come to find out, the dream cannot become reality for the individual who lacks the proper training and experience. The AudioWorks program gives the audio student both a solid foundation in audio technology and the hands-on experience that will get him or her in the door of a major facility. Upon successful completion of the AudioWorks program, graduates will be qualified to apply for entry level employment in one or more of the following positions: Studio Recording Engineer, Live Recording Engineer, Front of House Sound Reinforcement Engineer, Monitor Engineer, Audio for Video Engineer, Non-Linear Digital Audio Editor, Remix Engineer or Installation Technician.


The AudioWorks program consists of the following courses:

Digital Audio Basic Production   

Basic Audio Recording       

Digital Audio Intermediate & Advanced Production              

Intermediate Audio Production

Live Sound Reinforcement             

Advanced Audio Technologies   

pexels-david-bartus-690779 (1).jpg
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